Unusual Plants are currently being shown in the "Showcase" Gallery. Most of these plants are considered exotic plants that originated in tropical climates. A few, however, can be grown in some parts of the continental United States, provided your climate meets at least their borderline requirements. Either way, sit back and enjoy. I hope you have as much fun discovering the unique habits, forms, markings, and particularities of these plants as I did photographing them.

Click on an image below to view a larger size photo.

Peruvian Daffodils
Native Bear-Grass
Aloe thraskii
King Protea
Grass Tree
(Xanthorrhoea species)
Red Torch Ginger
Winter habit of
Camperdown Elm
Dutchman's Pipe Vine
Passion Fruit 'Purple Tiger'
Cup & Saucer Vine
Hanging Bottle Gourds
Native Miner's Lettuce